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Company Profile

    Mentor Konzult is an advisory, consultancy and agency service company. Its activities are aimed mainly at the financial sector – financial agents, traders with securities, insurance companies, pension companies, etc. The unique position of the company in the Slovak market rests in the connection of experience of the founder coming from the public as well private point of view - the financial supervisory body and institutions, where he has worked during his career. The founder of the company has been involved in the area of personal data protection since 2008, as part of his work in a financial group, international law firms and financial institutions. As part of the GDPR implementation, the company provides its services for Slovak Securities Exchange, Securities Dealers Association, Investment Guarantee Fund, Securities Dealers, Financial Intermediaries, one of the largest companies in the field of employees protection regulations, e-shops, etc.

    The founder of the Mentor Consult company maintains above standards relations with various associations, as AFISP (Association of Financial Intermediaries) or AOCP (Association of Traders with Securities), where he continuously participated in various forms of mutual cooperation, including lecturing.

    The high quality of the services provided is also thanks to his experience in international law firms and national projects,, where he was actively participating during his intense, 15-year career. Specifically, ensuring the customs reform in the Slovak Republic - as a member of the Working Group for European Affairs established at the Customs Directorate of the Slovak Republic, retirement pension reform in the Slovak Republic - as the Head of the Licensing Department, his activities in private financial institutions – as the senior lawyer and head of legal departments, intellectual property rights – as the head of the legal department in a performing and mechanical rights society, and, of course, in other fields of law, e.g. preparation of a complete analysis related to the broad gauge project in the Slovak Republic

    Mentor Konzult is surrounded by renown professionals, who have been active in their fields of study for a long time, and who were meticulously picked up based on their previous cooperation with the founder and who also meets the level of reliability, flexibility and possesses the necessary contacts, of course. Very important part of Mentor Konzult activities rests in cooperation with excellent accounting and tax company covered by experienced advocates, which represents a unique combination of preparation of accounting documentation in the context of tax contingency and, finally, in potential representation to respective state authorities and courts „under one roof”..

    Based on the aforementioned, Mentor Konzult cooperates in its activities with a strong team of professionals, including lawyers whose specialization ranges from Czech general and financial law, Slovak customs law, penal law, real estates, public procurement up to complete services for foreigners – from outside of the European Union - to let them actively operate in the Slovak Republic as entrepreneurs, etc.

    Mentor Konzult cooperates closely with the Association of Securities Dealers.Mentor Konzult is a member and its founder works as a personal advisor for the international group of law firms, advisory and audit companies, tax advisors and appraisals - Cambell´s Advisory Group.

    The company is insured against possible damages caused by its activities, and that up to the amount of 100.000 EUR.